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Things are Changing

I think its safe to say I don’t post on here much anymore. That’s because I write mostly for my self-hosted blogs as these were used mostly for practice in the beginning. After 4 years of blogging, I definitely feel WordPress is still the best way to start and the best way to go professionally. 

I now have a few professional sites made with wordpress. One of them is Canadian Free Flyers, a site where I teach Canadians how to fly around the world for next to nothing. Some call it travel hacking but basically I teach them about the world of earning tons of points and I also send them all the best deals in real time. If your interested in earning 60,000+ points per year without flying, its the club for you.

I’m also working a new site called Live Limitless, but its currently in the making. I’m poring my heart and soul into this one as Id really love to inspire people to eliminate their self-imposed limits and live remarkable.

I also started Must Do Canada, a site dedicated to the best things to do in Canada. I’ll feature the best things to do in Calgary, the best things to do in Toronto, the best things to do in vancouver, the best things to do in Montreal, and all the other major cities, provinces, and even, territories. I’m working on a 3-month road trip now to personally try all the amazing things available across the country.